Natural Remedies for Period Pain with Allevita

There’s nothing worse than going to bed with a lengthy to-do list, only to wake up with serious PMS symptoms. If you’ve ever had to switch up your schedule just to accommodate your period, you know what a drag that time of the month can be. Luckily, Allevita offers an all-natural remedy for period cramps.

Natural Relief

We’ve captured the benefits of CBD and other specially-curated natural ingredients into one easy-to-take capsule. Pop them in your mouth to start your day, then watch your pain subside and your mood stabilize in no time.

Our natural remedies for period pain allow you to feel like yourself, no matter when your period decides to show up. Allevita is made by women, for women, so we understand how a period can interrupt all you have on your plate. We’ve searched high and low for a period remedy that really worked, without having to put unidentifiable ingredients into our bodies.

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About Our Ingredients

We’ve carefully formulated our capsules from natural ingredients like green tea, vitamin B6, magnesium, and cramp bark, which — you guessed it — minimizes the discomfort of cramps. When these ingredients are combined with hemp CBD, you get a restorative pill that can provide relief any time of the month — but especially when your period decides to arrive.

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Hemp CBD can restore hormonal balance, reducing mood swings and all the aches and pains that come along with your period, including muscle inflammation. There are no psychedelic effects from CBD, since it doesn’t contain any THC. That means you’ll get all the calming effects of hemp, without it altering your mental state.

Green Tea, Vitamin B6, Magnesium and Cramp Bark

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Our green tea extract also helps give you a boost when you’re in a mood from PMS. Green tea provides caffeine to fight off fatigue, plus antihistamine to reduce water retention, a.k.a. Bloat. And vitamin B6 and magnesium work best together to alleviate breast soreness, enhance your mood and relax muscles. Cramp bark is an astringent so it slows bleeding which reduces cramps and also fights migraines and period bloat.

All these ingredients in combo stabilize your hormones and minimize pain, so you’ll be feeling ready for all the world throws at you, even when you’re on your period. And best of all, Allevita is all-encompassing, so you won’t have to be swallowing a whole lineup of pills just to get the relief you’re after.

Get Period Pain Relief Today

We’re confident that we’ve perfected the art of creating natural remedies for period cramps. Our capsules are vegetarian and meant for all women. The Allevita team is proud to be your support system when you need it most. Our capsules have been curated with you in mind, as well as your mom, sisters, daughters, and all the other women in your life. Order Allevita and start enjoying natural period pain relief today.

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