Allevita is your one-stop shop for all-natural pain relief from your period. Whether you suffer from cramps, headaches, or mood swings, our combination of natural extracts, vitamins, and minerals will bring you the relief you’re seeking. With professional guidance and scientific research, we've curate the most effective natural ingredients to help you feel like YOU again, every day of the month.

Hemp CBD Extract  

Hemp CBD may help restore hormonal balance which can reduce mood swings, muscle inflammation, and pain. Our CBD is locally sourced in California, certified organic, and its purity is ensured via third-party testing. Since our CBD extract is 100% derived from hemp it contains no THC. No psychedelic effects here.*

Green Tea   

Many PMS products include caffeine to combat fatigue or an antihistamine to reduce water retention. Our Green Tea Extract contains 50% caffeine and is “au natural.”*

Cramp Bark    

As the name suggests, this ingredient targets cramps. It may help block spasms of the smooth muscle in the uterus, reducing PMS and endometriosis-related discomfort. It has also been used to reduce migraines and fluid retention (aka period bloat)!*

Vitamin B6   

This vitamin is a rock star. Not only can it alleviate breast soreness by increasing progesterone, but it may also act as a mood enhancer and hormone stabilizer by regulating serotonin levels – reducing food cravings and back pain caused by hormonal fluctuations.*


In addition to relaxing muscles, magnesium may also reduce anxiety and hormonal acne by impacting cortisol production. It has been shown to work best when used in combination with Vitamin B6.*


Get Period Pain Relief Today

We’re confident that we’ve perfected the art of creating natural remedies for period cramps. Our capsules are vegetarian and meant for all women. The Allevita team is proud to be your support system when you need it most. Our capsules have been curated with you in mind, as well as your mom, sisters, daughters, and all the other women in your life. Start enjoying natural period pain relief today.

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