You’d have to be living under a rock if you haven’t heard the term “CBD” referenced over the past couple of years. It seems like everything is being infused with or treated by CBD. But what exactly are the CBD benefits and what do they have to do with you and your period? This seemingly magical cure-all ingredient is helping women around the world to reduce inflammation, anxiety, and maintain their hormonal equilibrium… all while aunt flo is in town.

So What Is CBD?

CBD is an abbreviation for a compound called cannabidiol, a compound naturally found in the hemp plant. Along with 113 other active compounds, CBD is grouped under an umbrella term called cannabinoids. THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is one of the most commonly known of these cannabinoids because it’s the psychoactive compound in marijuana that provides that high sensation. Many people confuse CBD with THC, but it’s a completely different compound with its own unique properties and benefits.

Perhaps most importantly, CBD does not produce a high or cause any psychoactive effects. Instead, CBD is a therapeutic compound that helps your body achieve a natural balance. The compound is extracted from the cannabinoids found in hemp, then turned into oil that goes into a variety of CBD products. Today you can find CBD in creams, pills, drinks, dog food, makeup…the list goes on.

CBD Benefits

Researchers are finding all kinds of ways people might benefit from CBD. It can help with insomnia, anxiety, pain and even more serious medical conditions like diabetes, epilepsy and Crohn’s disease. Therefore, it’s probably not a surprise that this natural wonder has powerful effects to help with all those annoying period ailments as well. CBD can restore your hormonal balance, minimize changes in mood, reduce inflammation, all helping you ease those monthly menstrual pains.

So How Does CBD Work?

So you’ve heard of all the potential incredible benefits of CBD, but how does CBD actually work? This compound regulates the body’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS), which is kind of like the communication line between the central nervous system and your brain. The ECS is made up of receptors that regulate how your body experiences pain. CBD attaches to those receptors and alters the signal, helping you reach an elevated state of calm and overall relief from pain and anxiety.

Interested in Giving CBD a Whirl?

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