Allevita’s CBD Provider: Primordia CBD for PMS

Our bodies are gifts that allow us to accomplish our goals and live out our dreams, whatever they may be. As women, we also have the unique power to bring life into the world. At Allevita, we treat that gift with all the respect it deserves. This is why we make it our mission to source only the finest ingredients for our all-natural, all-in-one period relief capsules.

We strive to find the best providers for each vitamin and mineral we include in our capsules. Our ingredients are good for your body, and effective at reducing pain, balancing hormones, and restoring your stability when on your period.

Our CBD for PMS

Hemp CBD can help reduce mood swings and muscle inflammation, which helps minimize period cramps, without producing any psychedelic effects. When it comes to our hemp CBD extract, we ensure that our CBD is held to the same high standards as our other ingredients so that our final product is of the highest quality for our customers.

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Why We Chose Primordia

We chose Primordia as our CBD provider because of their outstanding attention to detail in every step of the CBD growing and extracting process. This single-origin hemp supply company takes their role very seriously as stewards of the land. They grow their Certified Organic hemp on some of the best farmland in the country. Their hemp is grown free of dangerous pesticides and heavy metals, on soil that has been rotated with other crops throughout the years.

They then take the hemp right next door to the lab, where they extract CBD oil using the best traceability and quality standards in the industry. Primordia’s vertical business structure allows them to ensure the quality of their CBD.

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We’re confident that our CBD for PMS symptoms helps stabilize hormones and delivers some of the best pain relief for cramps on the market today. See for yourself why we’re the best choice for an all-natural PMS relief capsule by reading more about our ingredients and company.